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Should you Rent or Buy?

You’re Giving Money to Who?

Meet Bob. Bob pays $1,000 a month in rent. Bob never sees that $1,000 again. Bob pays $50 a month to park in front of his door. Bob never sees that $50 a month again. Bob can’t repair his own place. Bob can’t design his own place. Bob can’t get a dog. Bob loves dogs. Don’t be like Bob!

Are you renting? You may hear often that buying is better than renting, but let’s throw some numbers behind the statement. Say you pay rent at $1k a month. If rent increases 3% every year, in 10 years the rent will be $1,344 a month! If you have a $1k a month house payment, in 10 years the payment will be... you guessed it... $1k a month! Don’t even get us started on how the portions of the house payment go back to you... wait... do get us started on it! The average net worth of a homeowner is $225k against the average of $5k of a renter. No big deal, just a $220k difference.

We could go on and on, but let’s switch to the most important aspect of renting vs. buying. FREEDOM. You want a dog? Go get a dog. You want to paint the wall? You go ahead and paint that wall! Want to park diagonal and take up the driveway? Have at it.

Okay, I think you get the point. Americans enjoy their freedom and having the freedom to control your home is part of that great American dream of home ownership that is still alive and strong today.

Don’t think you can get into a house? Do you know that for sure? We have a vast network or professionals who can help you! They are experts at getting people in to homes. Don’t think you need 20% down like the days of old. Stop throwing your money away and invest in yourself. Contact us today... you might be surprised at the options available to you!

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