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No Small Potato

Potatoes you say? Well yes, potatoes, but so much more! If you haven’t noticed the over 30 national top ten lists we’ve landed on, you can see for yourself why Idaho is great from top to bottom.

Idaho is ranked by Vogue Magazine as the #7 hottest travel destination in the world... THE WORLD! It was the only state in the U.S. to make the list. Why Idaho? Maybe it is the 19,000+ miles of hiking and biking trails, the 340 natural hot springs, or the fact that Idaho has more miles of river than any other state!

Not a nature person? No problem. Intermingled with all the above are more than 51 breweries, 54 wineries, over 100 golf courses and hundreds of multi-cultural festivals. Toss in all the friendly people and great food and you have quite a great state!

Idaho can’t be all fun and games, right? Let’s talk business. Idaho is in the top 10 for job love, business friendliness and fastest job growth! The top 5 industries in Idaho are manufacturing, healthcare, tourism, agriculture and food & beverage processing. Over 290 national businesses call Idaho home and in the past 5 years, 26 new industries have joined in Idaho’s active economy.

With so much to do and be a part of in Idaho, where do you start? REALTORS® are active in the communities where they live and are connected on many different levels. All in all, Idaho is a pretty great state. Contact Us to find out more about Eastern Idaho and all it has to offer!

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